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Value Stream Modeling - its nothing new but we have a twist for Agile

Value Stream Modeling (VSM) is nothing new, in fact our research suggests its been around since the late 1970's. It was originaly intended for the manufacturing market.

Agile Portfolio Management relies on having identified your Value Streams. If you really want to invest in becoming Agile and more importantly Lean in your operations then VSM can help.

As a company grows; organisations tend to mix value streams with other value streams in a perceived effort to reduce waste.

Organisations grow organically into groups, departments and regional services.

In doing so, they develop:

  • Processes with hand offs,

  • Mixed or unclear prioritisation,

  • Waste in the end-to-end offering,

  • Alignment issues in both in the business and development processes,

  • A lack of centeredness on the End Customers needs.

By realigning to value streams as unique entities, Sam Nelson Consulting Ltd can help you ensure a quicker, cheaper, higher quality time to market.


What does a Value Steam Model look like?

The above diagram is taken from our workshop, where we help you identify your Portfolios / Value Streams and map out their current and future states. In our workshop we will work with you to uncover:

  • Significant event triggers - how the work is requested and approved

  • The flow of value from the 'request through delivery of the “delivered product or service” and at Sam Nelson Consulting Ltd we also focus on the money and lapsed time to getting payment.

  • Lapsed/lost time/wait time

  • Lost costs

  • Held inventory/materials

  • Customer perception of waste

The last point is probably the most important. How does your Customer perceive your delivery timeline? Price? Quality? Focusing here can dramatically change your perception of your VSM.


Want to know more about our workshops?

Our VSM workshops come in many formats so its hard to document here which on is right for you. Put simply we break it down as follows:

  • Workshop 1: Identify your Value Streams

  • Workshop 2: Uncover your current Value Stream Model for Value Stream 1

  • Workshop 3: Develop an improved value stream and agree an action plan to implement it

We find that typically, each workshop takes a day and that the number of Workshop 2 & 3's you needs depends on how many value streams you have.

We can offer just to act as a facilitator or take it one step further and project mange the whole thing for you (with an Agile flavor of course!).

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